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November 2016 Archives

Ways to keep your guests from driving drunk

When you host a party or get-together, it is possible that some of your guests will get tipsy. This could happen even if you do not serve alcohol, as a few people might bring their own beverages. It is risky to let apparently drunk guests drive after the party, so having a few strategies in place to prevent this occurrence is a good idea.

DUI defense needed after accident results in fatality

Car accidents resulting in death are always tragic. When a situation involves suspected drunk driving, the aftermath may include the need for DUI defense if charges are filed against a particular motorist. This is just what happened to one woman in Indiana, who was blamed for another woman's death following a motor vehicle crash.

Traffic stop results in drug charges against Indiana man

When a police officer makes a routine traffic stop in Indiana, there's no telling what series of events may unfold. Many situations are relatively benign, with mere warnings issued and motorists sent on their merry ways after a few brief words. Other times, things are not so simple, such as in one particular incident recently where the man behind the wheel ended up facing multiple drug charges in addition to a traffic violation.

How to know which DUI defense option is best for your situation

Being pulled over in a traffic stop in Indiana, then accused of drunk driving, is a sure-fire way to put a damper on an otherwise good day. While it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content exceeding the legal limit, merely having a drink or two does not necessarily mean one is driving drunk. Intoxication levels vary, and what is too much alcohol for one person may be fine for another. Knowing your own limitations ahead of time may prevent having to choose between DUI defense options later.

Determining criminal defense strategies following indictments

When the court determines evidence exists to try a person on criminal charges for which he or she has been accused, there is much a criminal attorney can do to assist the defendant. Depending on the details of a particular situation in Indiana, various criminal defense options are typically available. It is sometimes difficult to determine how best to proceed in light of specific charges; therefore, retaining immediate help from an experienced attorney may help to make informed decisions.

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