DUI defense needed after accident results in fatality

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Car accidents resulting in death are always tragic. When a situation involves suspected drunk driving, the aftermath may include the need for DUI defense if charges are filed against a particular motorist. This is just what happened to one woman in Indiana, who was blamed for another woman’s death following a motor vehicle crash.

The decedent was apparently riding as passenger on a motorcycle when the collision occurred. She was initially flown to a nearby hospital for treatment, but later succumbed to her injuries. The woman who is now facing charges was behind the wheel of another vehicle at the time and is said to have slammed into the motorcyclist. The driver of the motorcycle also reportedly suffered severe head and foot injuries.

Police say the woman was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and causing serious bodily injury to another. This offense is a Level 6 Felony in this state; the other statutory felony levels in Indiana provide for lengthier prison sentences. She is also facing several misdemeanor charges regarding an alleged failure to yield a right-of-way, and allegedly refusing to submit to chemical tests as per an officer’s request.

Finding oneself in need of DUI defense just before the holidays. However, by requesting a consultation with a criminal defense attorney, it may be possible to avoid conviction and minimize the potential long-lasting negative effects of a situation. An attorney familiar with this often complicated area of the law would know what strategies may work best to build a strong defense against drunk driving charges in Indiana. 

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