Record Expungement: Do You Qualify For A Clean Slate?

Once you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Indiana, even if the charges were dropped, you have a criminal record. That criminal record can close off certain careers or employment opportunities. It can limit your options for college and scholarships or even prevent you from performing volunteer work. To have a fully productive life, it may be best to have your criminal record expunged or sealed.

Criminal law attorney Todd Sallee has deep experience helping people expunge their records so they are not haunted or hampered by a criminal past. His understanding of expungement procedures and the Indiana court system makes him the go-to attorney for help suppressing a criminal record. Let him help you get a clean slate.

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Sealing A Prior Arrest Or Conviction

A regrettable incident — even if it was years and years ago — can hinder you in every aspect of your life. Filling out an employment application, renting an apartment or achieving a good credit profile becomes problematical. You can be rejected out of hand, even if you were innocent, or just made a mistake or had a foolish moment. The state of Indiana offers a system by which your record can be suppressed or expunged.

The reason Indiana provides the possibility of an expungement is that it would rather have a fully productive citizen who is employed, contributes to tax revenues, and has a life that is self-sustaining and contributive to society than to have someone who cannot function in society and is thus a tax burden. It is easier to succeed in life if your record is expunged.

The state’s expungement guidelines and procedures are very specific. Please click below to see Todd Sallee‘s expungement cheat sheet for different offenses and circumstances. With some exceptions, nearly all offenses – misdemeanors and even felonies – are expungeable after the statutory period if the county prosecutor agrees to it. A conviction is not erased for law enforcement purposes, but it is expunged from the public record. Employers and third parties other than criminal justice agencies cannot view or obtain your expunged records.

Expungement Is Not Simple Or Automatic

The state of Indiana’s law on expunging or sealing your criminal record is very specific. To help you navigate through the expungement process, we ask you to pay our nominal fee to investigate your eligibility and start the process of clearing your record. You deserve to be advised up front as to your eligibility and the total expense. (Some lawyers will overcharge for the whole process or take your money when you would not qualify in the first place.)

Mr. Sallee will ensure you are eligible before starting the entire filing process, which includes obtaining records, racking up costly expenses and court filings. This will ensure you are eligible and successful in any petitions that will be filed on your behalf. Mr. Sallee will further apply the eligibility investigation fee toward the balance of your overall cost.

He will advise you of information or steps that are needed before the investigation is launched or the petition filed, such as background checks and all prior addresses. He will put you in the best position to accomplish record sealing as quickly and completely as possible.

Why Should You Expunge Or Seal Your Record?

A criminal offense on your record can have collateral consequences. These are consequences outside of a criminal sentence – consequences that you might not even anticipate. Some common collateral consequences of having a record include:

  • Limited access to benefits such as welfare
  • Rejection from potential employers
  • Difficulty finding housing
  • Suspension or expulsion from a college or university
  • Lack of educational opportunities
  • Losing custody or visitation time with your children

With such serious, resounding consequences, it is very smart to consider sealing or expunging your record. These methods offer people who made mistakes in the past to get a second chance at a bright future. If you are worried about how your record might harm you, please speak with an expungement attorney.

How Many Tries Do I Get To Expunge My Record?

Under the current law, you are only given one opportunity to file for sealing and expunging your record. You can lose this opportunity even if there are basic clerical errors made in your court filings. Trust your eligibility – and your future success – to an experienced, proven attorney like Todd L. Sallee.

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