Effective Criminal Defense For All Drug Charges

In every drug case we take, we constantly look at the alleged facts surrounding the officer’s stop, search and investigation. Our goal at Sallee Law, LLC, is to hold the police accountable for their investigation methods, and should they make mistakes we will be there to challenge them along the way.

Our intervention can make a positive difference in the outcome. It could mean the difference between going to prison and going home to your family. It could mean keeping a felony drug conviction off your criminal record. It could mean minimizing the sentence or eliminating collateral charges.

You have rights and defenses! Call us immediately, day or night, at 317-643-5507. Todd Sallee represents the accused in the Greater Indianapolis area, including Hendricks County, Boone and Hamilton counties, and throughout Indiana.

Drug Crime Defense For The Indianapolis Area

Defense lawyer Todd Sallee is a former assistant prosecutor who has practiced in criminal defense for the past decade. His experience on both sides of drug cases helps to gauge the evidence against and determine the best strategy for your case. He has tried and negotiated every level of drug offenses, including:

  • Drug possession — marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription narcotics
  • Drug trafficking — distribution, possession of significant quantity, manufacturing
  • Drug-related crimes — weapon offenses, money laundering, criminal conspiracy
  • Driving under the influence of recreational or prescription drugs

Our understanding of search and seizure law and the latest cases that are relevant to use for such constitutional challenges, makes us a formidable foe for cops and prosecutors. We will research every angle of your case, and leave no stone unturned in our quest to challenge the admission of evidence in these types of cases. We continue the quest for new and innovative ways to challenge evidence and currently have several unique arguments lined up in all types of cases for the coming calendar year.

These Are The Times You Need A Strong Defense

Drug crimes are subject to harsh sentences, including mandatory minimums for some offenses. You cannot afford to plead guilty or cooperate with law enforcement without the advice of an attorney. In fact, any statement — even meant to clear your name — will be used against you in a court of law.

Exercise your right to remain silent and to talk to an attorney. Call Indianapolis drug charge attorney Todd L. Sallee without delay at 317-643-5507 or contact us online. We look forward to working on your team to fight this battle together.