Specialized Driving Privileges And Hardship Licenses

Under the old law, it was difficult for people whose license was suspended to obtain even a limited hardship license. As of Jan. 1, 2015, Indiana law authorized judges to grant specialized driving privileges so that people can drive for work or drive to work.

If you meet the qualifications, the Sallee Law, LLC, law firm can help you take advantage of this opportunity to clean up your license and get back on the road. You may be eligible if your license is suspended for any reason — even multiple DUIs or habitual traffic offender status, and even lifetime suspension.

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This Law Was Created For You. There Is No Reason To Wait!

The specialized driving privileges statute (Indiana Code 9-30-16) recognizes that the ability to drive is essential to employment and the economy. Specialized driving privileges (SDP) allow you to drive to and from work, to medical appointments, to the grocery store and for virtually any legitimate need.

This statute has taken the place of the older hardship/restricted license law, which was more rigid and narrow. The new law applies to almost any citizen EXCEPT:

  • A person who has never been an Indiana resident
  • A person serving a current suspension for chemical test refusal

Additional Opportunities That May Apply To Your Situation

The newly enacted law has already been amended. As of July 1, 2015, people in the following categories who have had their licenses suspended may also be eligible for specialized driving privileges:

  • CDL drivers (perhaps limited to one’s personal vehicles, but courts might have discretion to extend it to commercial vehicles)
  • Chauffer’s license or public passenger chauffer’s license holders (taxi, limo and bus drivers)
  • A person who has never held an Indiana license but was an Indiana resident at the time driving privileges were suspended

We Help You Through The SDP Process

Specialized driving privileges allow you the freedom to travel for work or any other purposes a court deems appropriate. Experienced lawyer Todd Sallee will file petitions for these privileges on your behalf in the Circuit Court or Superior Court of the county in which you reside. Your SDP petition will be treated much like a sentencing hearing in a criminal case, meaning Mr. Sallee will recommend a number of steps in order to ensure the success of the request. Those steps may include:

  • Attendance at treatment programs or A/A (if the suspension was the result of a drug or alcohol offense)
  • Letters of recommendation or reference from employers, family members and loved ones, teachers, community leaders, sponsors, etc.
  • Proof of gainful employment (a must in any court’s consideration of specialized driving privileges)
  • Community work service (if your participation requires you to provide transportation)
  • Any other mitigating factors that might convince a court or judge to grant your petition

The court may impose certain additional restrictions to ensure public safety and your compliance, such as:

  • Requiring an ignition interlock device (breathalyzer) to be installed on your vehicle
  • Limiting your use of a motor vehicle to certain hours of the day or certain routes and locations from your place of residence
  • Requiring you to maintain and show proof of insurance during the duration of your SDP
  • Requiring you to carry a copy of the order granting specialized privileges and produce it when requested by law enforcement

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