DUI Accidents And Felony DUI Charges

The punishment for driving under the influence is drastically increased when there are aggravating factors. Instead of a night or two in jail, you may face prison time. Instead of a misdemeanor conviction, your future could be severely hampered by a felony criminal record. Rather than a mere suspension, your driving privileges might be revoked for several years.

The law firm of Sallee Law, LLC, provides the skilled and aggressive defense you need if you are accused of felony DUI or other enhanced charges. We have gone to court and successfully challenged the basis for DUI arrests. In other cases, our intervention has resulted in dismissal of the case or lesser charges that avoided the heavier consequences.

We provide DUI defense in the Indianapolis area, including Hendricks, Hamilton, Boone and surrounding counties. See examples of our success stories in these high-stakes cases.

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Serious Representation For The Most Serious DUI Charges

A DUI results in felony status or enhanced penalties under various circumstances:

  • Blood alcohol content of .15 or greater (class A misdemeanor)
  • Repeat offense — any prior DUI conviction within five years
  • Accident resulting in serious bodily injury
  • Accident resulting in the fatality of a passenger, pedestrian or other driver
  • Endangering a minor under the age of 14 (child in the car)

The penalties for felony DUI range from mandatory jail time up to 20 years in prison, depending on the circumstances, plus thousands of dollars in fines and the burdens of ignition interlock.

Our first mission is to get felony charges dismissed if at all possible. Was the victim or other driver partly at fault for the accident? Did the officer have a reasonable suspicion to make the traffic stop? Were there procedural errors or violations of your rights? Sometimes the best hope is to reduce the charges to a straight DUI or a lesser offense such as reckless driving.

Todd Sallee always prepares for the possibility of trial. We will go to court to suppress evidence or to fight a conviction if you cannot afford to have a felony DUI or any DUI on your record.

We Understand What Is At Stake

With your freedom and your future on the line, you need the best defense available. Todd Sallee has practiced in criminal law for 12 years, as a former prosecutor and as a defense lawyer. You can depend on him to position you for the most favorable outcome even when the circumstances seem stacked against you. Contact us immediately for a free consultation about felony DUI defense.