Accused Of Drug Trafficking Or Manufacturing?

Drug trafficking not only carries harsh penalties, but the definition is broad. You could be facing serious felony charges for possessing a certain quantity of drugs, even if no transaction occurred. You could be charged with trafficking or conspiracy simply by your association with others. Merely carrying a weapon or having one in the car at the time of a drug bust can tack on years to a prison sentence. The same goes with selling drugs in close proximity to children.

These charges demand a vigorous defense. A plea bargain will still result in serious jail or prison time. At the law firm of Sallee Law, LLC, our mindset is to challenge the prosecution’s case head-on. We make every effort to prevent a conviction and devastating consequences for your freedom and your future.

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Indiana’s Drug Trafficking Laws

We handle state and federal charges of drug trafficking and related crimes. You can be charged with drug trafficking or other felony crimes under many scenarios:

  • Possession of large quantity (defined by statute for each type of drug)
  • Manufacturing (growing marijuana, cooking meth)
  • Possession within 500 feet of a school, park or family housing complex
  • Possession of controlled substances without a prescription
  • Distribution (drug transaction or delivery)
  • Transporting drugs or carrying across state lines
  • Brandishing a gun or bringing one to a drug transaction

We have been successful in challenging drug trafficking cases on Fourth Amendment grounds (illegal search and seizure). Did police have a valid reason for a traffic stop? Did they search the vehicle without consent? Did they search your home without a search warrant or exceed the scope of the warrant?

Where other lawyers are too quick to seek a plea deal, we exhaust your defenses and pretrial motions to get the case dismissed or evidence excluded from court. Todd Sallee is an experienced trial lawyer who draws on his former role as a criminal prosecutor to strategize your defense.

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