Ways to keep your guests from driving drunk

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When you host a party or get-together, it is possible that some of your guests will get tipsy. This could happen even if you do not serve alcohol, as a few people might bring their own beverages. It is risky to let apparently drunk guests drive after the party, so having a few strategies in place to prevent this occurrence is a good idea.

1. Contact Uber or taxi companies

Have the app for Uber or a similar company already downloaded on your smartphone or have the phone numbers for taxi companies posted on your refrigerator. Tell the guests about 30 minutes before it is time to leave that you are going to get in touch with Uber or a cab company, and that you will be happy to work out a plan for car pick-up the next day. Alternatives include asking the person to stay the night or to take public transportation.

2. Pair up

Team up with a friend (or several) as you try to communicate with guests who may be drunk. If nothing else, teamwork makes taking away car keys easier.

3. Liven up the party

Make your party so much fun that alcohol is far from guests’ minds, even if you are serving it. Games, delicious food and plenty of activities may help make your name as a host as well.

4. Serve foods such as cheese and bread

Cheese and meat can make party guests feel fuller and less likely to drink, and bread helps absorb alcohol. On the other hand, salty foods such as popcorn and crackers may make guests feel thirstier and have them reaching more for the drinks.

5. Avoid judgment

Even if you disapprove of what the person has done, withhold your judgment. Your immediate goal is to prevent drunk drivers from getting on the road, so don’t say things such as, “You knew better than to drink!” or “What is wrong with you?” Being nice is more likely to pave the way to cooperation.

6. Line up a designated driver

Alternative means of transportation such as Uber are great. However, having a designated driver, or several, may be more appealing to intoxicated guests rather than riding with a stranger. Choose the designated drivers with care; they must not have a history of falling down on this type of duty.

Sometimes even the best precautions are not enough, however. If you are somehow involved in a DUI case, it is important to ensure you are fairly represented. For example, the penalty may be less severe if it is your first arrest. Getting in touch with an attorney is a good way to explore your options.

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