What should you do if the police knock on the door?

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An unexpected visit from law enforcement can be an unnerving and distressing experience, especially if you are unsure how to handle it. Familiarizing yourself with the proper protocol beforehand can help.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when law enforcement shows up at your house.

Determine the purpose of the visit

Before you answer any questions or get into conversation, ask the officers about the reason for their presence. Are they conducting an investigation into a criminal matter? Do they wish to interrogate you regarding a specific issue? As a citizen, you have a right to know about the nature of their visit. Keep in mind that, if the officers indicate that they just want to ask you a few questions, you are under no legal obligation to do so.

Verify any warrants

If the officers claim that they have a warrant, you should always request a physical copy for your examination. A legitimate warrant should bear the signature of a presiding judge, clearly state your address and outline the specific scope and limitations of any intended search. Without a valid warrant, you have the right to refuse them entry to your home.

Assert your right to legal counsel

If the officers wish to question you, it is in your best interest to invoke your constitutional right to legal representation. Inform the officers that you will refrain from answering any questions without the guidance of an attorney. Exercise your right to remain silent until your legal counsel arrives. Remember that any statements you make can become incriminating evidence against you in future legal proceedings.

When caught off guard by an unexpected police encounter, you can easily make costly errors in your interaction. Know and exercise your rights if you find yourself in this position.

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