Determining criminal defense strategies following indictments

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When the court determines evidence exists to try a person on criminal charges for which he or she has been accused, there is much a criminal attorney can do to assist the defendant. Depending on the details of a particular situation in Indiana, various criminal defense options are typically available. It is sometimes difficult to determine how best to proceed in light of specific charges; therefore, retaining immediate help from an experienced attorney may help to make informed decisions.

One woman was recently indicted on charges related to aggravated identity theft. The 34-year-old is accused of stealing then using another person’s private information while awaiting a sentencing hearing in connection with a prior conviction. In the previous incident, she was reportedly convicted on three counts of aggravated identity theft.

That situation occurred in 2015. The woman is said to have acted alongside her half-sister. Apparently, her half-sister stole information from medical records, which the woman then gave to others who used it to open fraudulent credit card accounts.

Court records state the fraudulent accounts were used to make purchases and obtain various services. It was during the interim when the woman was awaiting sentencing in regard to the prior offenses that she is said to have committed other unlawful acts. Similar situations in Indiana are often quite complicated, requiring skilled and aggressive criminal defense representation in order to obtain any sort of positive outcome. A defendant always has the right to fight against any and all charges, regardless whether he or she has prior convictions on record.

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