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January 2017 Archives

Stop, look, listen: Analyzing events that lead to drug charges

If a police officer is knocking on your door, asking to come inside to have a look around, or, you're pulled over in a traffic stop, and the next thing you know, the officer wants to search your vehicle, you might be so stressed and worried that you forget you have constitutional rights. Even if drug charges are filed against you at some point, it does not negate your right to fair treatment under the law. While Indiana drug laws may vary from those in other states, all states hold that every person charged is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

Can technology save the world from drunk drivers?

While partying and having a good time is not a criminal offense, getting behind the wheel of a car after you've had too much to drink is. It seems like a no-brainer to not drive when you are under the influence, but alcohol lowers inhibitions and may make it easier to make bad choices you wouldn't have normally made. Scientists, law enforcement officers and lawmakers are constantly on the lookout for ways to protect the public from those who would drive drunk, and one technology has taken shape, hoping to provide solid results.

Drug charges filed in Indiana against people already in jail

Many Indiana jail inmates are released from their cells on special assignment work details outside prison walls. Such duties are typically closely supervised by prison guards, although there have been incidents when inmates have tried to escape or have gotten into other types of trouble along the way. Recently, five people, four of whom are currently serving time, had new drug charges filed against them for their alleged roles in an illegal drug scheme.

Drug charges filed after recent massive sweep in Indiana

New developments continue to occur regarding a massive drug raid that took place last month in Indiana. As previously reported, this operation was considered one of the largest methamphetamine busts in the entire state. Drug charges have now been filed against four people who were arrested during that investigation.

Resolving issues regarding traffic offenses in Indiana

Every state has its own traffic laws. It is typically wise to familiarize oneself with the laws of Indiana or any other state in which one plans to drive an automobile. Being cited for traffic offenses often has far-reaching implications, and most drivers want to avoid such problems by acting in accordance with all road and traffic regulations.

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