Drug charges filed in Indiana against people already in jail

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Many Indiana jail inmates are released from their cells on special assignment work details outside prison walls. Such duties are typically closely supervised by prison guards, although there have been incidents when inmates have tried to escape or have gotten into other types of trouble along the way. Recently, five people, four of whom are currently serving time, had new drug charges filed against them for their alleged roles in an illegal drug scheme.

A 24-year-old woman is said to have sold Suboxone strips to one of the men while he was outside the prison on a work detail. This is a controlled substance often used to treat people suffering from opioid addictions. It is considered a highly dangerous drug that can cause respiratory distress and/or death when taken in high doses.

The man who reportedly purchased the drugs allegedly put them underneath lunch trays inside the prison. Eventually, the drugs reached the kitchen where another inmate now charged in the supposed scheme was working. Two others were also involved, one of whom apparently got one of his family members to pay $20 for a strip of Suboxone.

Drug charges against the five range from conspiracy to commit drug trafficking with an inmate to conspiracy to deal a controlled substance. An experienced Indiana defense attorney is well aware of how to help an inmate navigate the criminal justice system. It would be a logical choice to request a meeting with an attorney if one’s situation in prison is exacerbated by additional charges. Anyone not currently in jail is also able to seek consultation with a defense lawyer to discuss various options and possible outcomes of a particular situation.

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