Stop, look, listen: Analyzing events that lead to drug charges

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If a police officer is knocking on your door, asking to come inside to have a look around, or, you’re pulled over in a traffic stop, and the next thing you know, the officer wants to search your vehicle, you might be so stressed and worried that you forget you have constitutional rights. Even if drug charges are filed against you at some point, it does not negate your right to fair treatment under the law. While Indiana drug laws may vary from those in other states, all states hold that every person charged is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

The process by which law enforcement agents are allowed to conduct searches, seizures and arrests is strictly regulated. They do not have free rein to say and do whatever they want. For instance, unless a valid search warrant is obtained, you do not have to allow police to enter your home or search your vehicle.

However, some people have done so, thinking it is best to cooperate; then they later regretted their decisions when information gathered during an unwarranted search was used to incriminate them in court. When you’ve been pulled over by police or they have requested entry to your home, you can invoke your right to remain silent until a defense attorney is there to represent you. Acting alongside skilled guidance is often crucial to obtaining a positive outcome.

Prior experience as a former prosecutor provides Sallee Law, LLC, with keen insight into both sides of the criminal justice system. You can contact our Indiana office to request a consultation. If your personal rights have been violated during events that led to drug charges against you, we are prepared to challenge those charges on your behalf.

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