Resolving issues regarding traffic offenses in Indiana

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2017 | Traffic Offenses |

Every state has its own traffic laws. It is typically wise to familiarize oneself with the laws of Indiana or any other state in which one plans to drive an automobile. Being cited for traffic offenses often has far-reaching implications, and most drivers want to avoid such problems by acting in accordance with all road and traffic regulations.

From driving over a posted speed limit, failing to stop at a red light or any number of other infractions, being pulled over in a traffic stop can be an embarrassing, frustrating experience. It’s best to remain as calm as possible in such situations, and to cooperate as best you can with any police officer. If any question or request makes you feel uncomfortable, you may request legal representation for assistance.

There are many types of situations that enable you to contest a ticket or traffic citation. It is impossible to presume a particular outcome, even if you have faced similar allegations in the past. Often, it is your word against the police officer who pulled you over.

Sallee Law, LLC provides focused representation to all those charged with traffic offenses in Indiana. Our office can begin the process by discussing the events that led to your citation in detail. Of particular importance is whether the police officer adhered to the strict protocol required, especially if any searches were conducted of your vehicle or person. If you believe your personal rights were violated, we can take steps to investigate the issue and determine an appropriate course of action.

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