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What is auto brewery syndrome?

When you are pulled over and an officer believes you are driving while under the influence of alcohol, he or she may give you a breath test. If you don't pass the test, you may be arrested or cited for DUI or DWI. These charges could lead to court time, fines, suspension of license or even jail time.

Routine stop by police leads to major drug charges in Indiana

There are many reasons police may pull someone over in a traffic stop in Indiana. In such situations, it is typically best to remain calm and cooperate as best as possible as the process unfolds. No two traffic stops are exactly alike; often, whatever issue led to the initial stop is easily rectified and a motorist is free to go, no harm done. Other situations do not end on such positive notes. In fact, one recent incident resulted in major drug charges.

Exploring defense options when charged with traffic offenses

It can be an unnerving experience to be pulled over by police in Indiana. Many times, the person being pulled over has no idea why until the officer approaches and states a reason. In such situations, it's not uncommon to people to worry about how traffic offenses will affect their lives. However, remaining calm and paying close attention to the process that follows may help in recalling the events later should one need to do so for legal purposes.

Avoiding driving sanctions due to traffic offenses Indiana

There are many types of situations that may place a person's driving privileges at risk in Indiana. Some traffic offenses are considered more serious than others. Navigating the legal system is often challenging; therefore, those facing problems associated with parking tickets, suspensions or other related issues may first want to seek clarification of the law and assistance in exploring all options that might be available before proceeding to court.

Raid on Indiana home leads to drug charges

Understandably, being accused of a crime in Indiana is serious. When drug charges are involved, there is often likelihood of severe penalties under conviction. A recent incident occurred that has resulted in several people being charged with drug-related offenses. Some are in trouble with the law just for visiting the location where the drug raid took place.

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