Avoiding driving sanctions due to traffic offenses Indiana

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Traffic Offenses |

There are many types of situations that may place a person’s driving privileges at risk in Indiana. Some traffic offenses are considered more serious than others. Navigating the legal system is often challenging; therefore, those facing problems associated with parking tickets, suspensions or other related issues may first want to seek clarification of the law and assistance in exploring all options that might be available before proceeding to court.

State law allows those in certain circumstances who have had their licenses suspended to continue to drive, if necessary, to get to and from work. In many situations, these special driving privileges may be allowed even if parking fines are owed or the person involved has been listed as a habitual traffic violator. The law allowing special driving privileges was enacted in January 2015.

Certain traffic offenses are considered criminal infractions. Such situations may have immediate and long-lasting negative impacts on employment, insurance and even family circumstances. In the past, many have gone to jail and been forced to pay hefty fines when convicted of serious traffic violations.

Being convicted of criminal traffic offenses also often means that your criminal history record will carry a permanent documentation of the incident. Many in Indiana have been able to avoid this type of lingering consequence by acting quickly to retain experienced and aggressive defense guidance. Lots of people would have difficulty functioning in their day-to-day lives if prohibited from driving. Sallee Law, LLC, is dedicated to assisting all those seeking positive solutions to matters concerning traffic violations.

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