Routine stop by police leads to major drug charges in Indiana

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There are many reasons police may pull someone over in a traffic stop in Indiana. In such situations, it is typically best to remain calm and cooperate as best as possible as the process unfolds. No two traffic stops are exactly alike; often, whatever issue led to the initial stop is easily rectified and a motorist is free to go, no harm done. Other situations do not end on such positive notes. In fact, one recent incident resulted in major drug charges.

Police say they pulled a vehicle over in Floyd County on a recent Saturday. At some point during the traffic stop, officers decided to sweep the vehicle using a K-9 unit. Allegedly, the handler was soon alerted to suspicious items inside the vehicle.

The man behind the wheel of the vehicle was arrested in the incident. Supposedly, the K-9 unit had located at least 3 pounds of methamphetamine in the car. Officers claim the estimated street value of the drugs would be approximately $150,000.

In addition to the drug charges filed against him, the man was also charged with operating a motor vehicle without ever having obtained a valid driver’s license. The situation is far from over as police continue to investigate the incident. Anyone charged with similar drug-related offenses in Indiana or another state is able to fight against those charges by retaining support from a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney is able to assess a particular situation and clarify all options that may be available toward achieving a positive outcome in court.

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