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August 2016 Archives

Indiana man's criminal defense included plea agreement

Being accused of alcohol-related offenses, allegations of illegal drug possession or sex crimes often leads to many challenges when it comes time to present a defense. In exploring different criminal defense options that might be available, a client may determine it is within his or her best interests to enter a plea agreement in court. This appears to be the case regarding a man in Indiana, charged with a sex-related offense.

Defense options for those facing drug charges in Indiana

Indiana police officers are often called upon to conduct searches of vehicles, private residences and personal effects. Such procedures often lead to drug charges being filed against one or more people. If a person is accused of a drug-related crime, the negative effects of the situation may be both immediate and long-lasting.

Drug bust in Indiana leads to federal drug charges, many arrests

A recent incident occurred in Indiana that reportedly led to the arrests of 16 people. Drug charges include conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. One man was named as the alleged ring leader in what authorities claim was a widespread and very active drug trafficking operation.

The impact of traffic violations on your CDL

Commercial drivers are, fair or not, held to a higher standard than the rest of us, even when they are not in a commercial vehicle. The restrictions placed on them, especially in regards to limiting speeds, lane limitations and hours of service, are designed to help keep our roads safe for all drivers.

Many people in Indiana indicted on drug charges

Criminal drug activity remains problematic in many Indiana regions. Not everyone facing drug charges is convicted, however. Often, a strong defense is presented in court that leads to a dismissal of charges. One grand jury recently issued indictments against more than 30 people for various drug-related infractions.

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