Indiana man’s criminal defense included plea agreement

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Being accused of alcohol-related offenses, allegations of illegal drug possession or sex crimes often leads to many challenges when it comes time to present a defense. In exploring different criminal defense options that might be available, a client may determine it is within his or her best interests to enter a plea agreement in court. This appears to be the case regarding a man in Indiana, charged with a sex-related offense.

The man recently appeared at his sentencing hearing after a plea agreement was accepted. The 27-year-old was said to show no emotion as the court ordered him to spend 7 1/2 years behind bars. The situation involved an incident that occurred in 2014.

Authorities say they were investigating the death of a young woman at the time. For some reason, during their investigation, they saw a video on the defendant’s cell phone. The film reportedly showed the man engaged in sexual activities with the woman while she was unconscious. Police have stated that although the woman was unconscious, she was indeed alive and breathing in the video. Hours after the video was taken, she was found dead.

No charges have been filed in connection with her death. The man admitted that he was engaged in an ongoing relationship with the woman that often involved sexual activity. He also said that in that particular circumstance, he did not have the woman’s permission to do what he did. The man has already served more than 600 days of incarceration, for which he will be credited. A criminal defense attorney would be able to advise anyone in Indiana who is confronting accusations of criminal conduct.

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