Drug bust in Indiana leads to federal drug charges, many arrests

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A recent incident occurred in Indiana that reportedly led to the arrests of 16 people. Drug charges include conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. One man was named as the alleged ring leader in what authorities claim was a widespread and very active drug trafficking operation.

The suspected ringleader is a 43-year-old man. He has been named in a federal indictment containing 10 counts of drug-related offenses. Allegations against him include maintaining a property for drug distribution. Authorities had reportedly targeted the man in an investigation that lasted more than a year. Part of that investigation reportedly involved officers setting up controlled purchases of various drugs.

Federal agents are said to have used wiretaps and surveillance to gather information and supposed evidence before arresting the man and 15 others. Before being arrested, one of those involved was pulled over by police, who claim to have found a backpack containing at least $100,000 in the car. Officers further asserted that the serial numbers on many of the bills matched those used in the controlled purchases of their drug investigation.

It was also alleged that several of the defendants used words like “dog food” and “dogs” as codes for drugs and drug customers, which tipped investigators off during their task force operation. More than 12 of those arrested were booked into a county jail in Indiana, with their photographs published on the jail’s website. Retaining experienced representation when preparing to face drug charges can be accomplished by requesting a meeting with a criminal defense attorney.

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