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April 2017 Archives

Criminal defense attorney could help those facing neglect charges

The owner of an Indiana at-home day care and two of her employees have recently been charged with several offenses related to unsafe conditions for children. According to authorities, this is not the first time the day care and the owner have been in trouble. Though the owners has been arrested and the other two women are still at large, all three have options to handle their criminal defense.

What you need to know about DUIs and CDLs

If you drive a truck commercially, you already know that your license is your livelihood. Without it, you cannot work but a DUI arrest could be a threat to both your license and your job. Penalties range from state to state and can be as severe as a lifetime revocation of your CDL.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 2 Indiana men

When Indiana residents are stopped by police officers at traffic stops, the officers may insist on searching their vehicles. In some cases, this can lead to drug charges for those in the car. Those facing this type of charge still have rights that must be upheld, however. Two men are likely consulting criminal defense attorneys after authorities allegedly discovered illegal drugs in their truck at a traffic stop.

Reckless homicide charges require strong criminal defense

Sometimes fun events can take a turn for the worse. Accidents occur all the time, and unfortunately, they can occasionally lead to deaths. When this occurs, securing assistance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible could help a person's criminal defense. An Indiana man is likely now working with an attorney after being charged with several crimes following a boat crash in which two others were killed.

DUI defense on tap for Indiana prosecutor's office employee

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense. When Indiana residents are charged with this crime, they must then start the process of building a strong DUI defense. Hiring an attorney is the first step many choose when facing these charges. An employee with the Johnson County Prosecutor's Office is likely working with an attorney after being recently charged with drinking and driving.

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