Reckless homicide charges require strong criminal defense

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Sometimes fun events can take a turn for the worse. Accidents occur all the time, and unfortunately, they can occasionally lead to deaths. When this occurs, securing assistance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible could help a person’s criminal defense. An Indiana man is likely now working with an attorney after being charged with several crimes following a boat crash in which two others were killed.

The man and two other passengers were on a boat ride in Lake Michigan when the accident occurred. The boat crashed into a break wall and both passengers died at the scene. Prosecutors claim that the man was intoxicated while operating the boat, which they allege is what led to the collision.

The man has since been charged with several different offenses. Authorities indicate that the man faces two counts each of reckless homicide, criminal recklessness and operating a motor boat while intoxicated resulting in death. He was arrested after the accident, but was later released after posting bond. An initial court hearing has yet to be scheduled.

When an Indiana resident is accused of a crime like this one, several defense options may be available. A skilled criminal defense attorney could help those accused by providing more information on the various alternatives they might pursue. In addition to this, an attorney could also provide assistance in building a strong defense to try to obtain the best possible outcome. In some cases, clients may be able to completely avoid a conviction; in others, the lawyer can work to mitigate the charges and pursue favorable sentencing considerations from the court.

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