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September 2016 Archives

DUI defense strategy may change if Breathalyzer is refused

In Indiana and all other states, a motorist is free to refuse a Breathalyzer test upon request from a police officer. However, doing so may activate an automatic chain of events according to the laws in a particular state. As part of a thorough DUI defense, a motorist may want to seek immediate guidance before refusing the test so as to clarify the potential consequences of such an action.

Burglary, possible assault set criminal defense wheels in motion

Things apparently did not turn out the way one Indiana man may have expected when he climbed out a window onto a rooftop and was unable to get to the ground. Shortly thereafter, police at the scene arrested him. He is now most likely focused on his criminal defense as he faces at least 10 different charges.

Drug charges filed against 5 men in Indiana

Indiana police have reported finding drugs, cash and weapons following a recent raid that led to a number of arrests. Drug charges were filed after the raid, which occurred on a recent Thursday. Detectives say they conducted the recent raid on suspicion of drug trafficking following an investigation that lasted several months. 

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