Options for those facing drug charges in Indiana

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It is sometimes difficult to know where to turn for guidance when facing criminal charges in Indiana. Drug charges, for instance, often carry severe penalties if convicted. A positive outcome often hinges upon an experienced, aggressive criminal defense.

When building  a strong defense, it makes sense to begin with a careful review of the process followed by law enforcement agents during any search and seizure or arrest that may have taken place. There are strict regulations and protocol that must be followed when officers carry out such actions. For instance, it is crucial for an officer to obtain appropriate authorization to search a private residence.

There are also various guidelines that govern the administration of chemical tests and certain investigative procedures leading up to an arrest. If a defense attorney believes that a law enforcement agent acted outside the accepted protocol, a challenge proffered evidence may be submitted in court. In some situations, this has led to the court ruling that part or all of certain evidence is inadmissible during a trial.

The first logical step to take in the process of seeking guidance in light of drug charges in Indiana is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area to request a meeting. During this meeting, the details of your situation can be discussed and any available options for fighting the charges explored. At Sallee Law, LLC, we are prepared to help you obtain as positive an outcome as possible given your current circumstances.

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