How to reduce your chance of getting pulled over by the police

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Ridding the roadways of intoxicated drivers is the primary mission for many law enforcement officers. It is important for all Indiana drivers to understand this priority and take proactive steps to avoid confrontation by highway patrol officers in the state.

Restrict driving to daytime

Darkness is an excellent tool for police officers looking to stop people who may be driving erratically. Driving during the daylight means the driver can see behind them as well as in front, so it is relatively easy to avoid the police anywhere they are seen. This does not always work, but it can be helpful to pay very close attention when behind the wheel.

Vehicle maintenance and illumination

One of the most common reasons police give for stopping drivers is defective vehicle equipment or lack of legal illumination. Drivers should always make sure both headlights are working as well as all taillights, including the license plate lights. In addition, turn signals should be kept in proper working order and always used when making a turn or lane shift of any type. This applies even during the day.

Rules and regulation compliance

The decisions drivers make while in transit are very important when they want to avoid being stopped by law enforcement. Switching lanes without signaling and failing to reduce headlight beams when approaching an opposing vehicle on the highway are common mistakes. The most important issues to avoid are excessive speeding, reckless driving and wanton endangerment movements.

These are just a few steps that motorists can take to reduce potential for being stopped and questioned by police officers. Drivers should always play it safe and follow the rules of the road because bad driving decisions can quickly result in criminal charges, especially for those driving under the influence of any amount.

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