Meth continues to be a problem here in Indiana

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During the last decade, even as arrests for the possession and sale of methamphetamine around the nation began to plateau and decline, Indiana continued to see a rise in the problem. There may be several reasons why methamphetamine continues to be such a plague here in our state.

Unlike the waves of crack cocaine and heroin that have decimated the inner cities of America, crystal meth has been the biggest problem for rural areas. As ours is a state of many fertile farmlands, many involved in the meth trade felt it was a safe place to set up shop and cook meth.

A cheap high?

Then, too, compared to the production of other illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin, methamphetamine is far cheaper to produce from household items that can easily be obtained. There are also lots of recipes for meth production available to aspiring methamphetamine cooks. All they need to get started is to do a simple web search that reveal dozens of detailed recipes explaining each step in the meth-cooking process. There is no need to acquire hard-to-find ingredients as there is for the production of smack or coke.

A toxic lifestyle

The problem is that meth is both highly addictive and extremely toxic to those who use it. The paranoia that it induces in its users can be sufficient to draw the attention of law enforcement. Meth busts in roadside motels and in shacks way out in the woods are common.

But for those who are able to evade arrest, the future still appears dim. The fact is that the ingredients in a batch of meth are extremely toxic and can ravage the human body in just a few short years. Mug shots of those arrested on meth charges that were taken over a short span of years or even months depict a rapid physical deterioration.

Bottoming out

For many methamphetamine addicts, an arrest and subsequent jail term become the impetus for the addict to make a major lifestyle change and get sober. But having a conviction for sale or even possession of meth can create other problems in an addict’s life that may be too difficult to overcome.

If you find yourself arrested on methamphetamine charges, you don’t have to wait to be convicted to turn your life around. In fact, by working closely with your Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, you can admit yourself into a drug detox and rehabilitation program. That may convince the judge to withhold adjudication and allow you to complete your recovery and re-enter society as a sober individual with a far brighter future than the drug-addled meth user you no longer are.

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