Indiana man arrested for traffic offenses, DUI and other crimes

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An Indiana man was recently arrested following a high speed chase with police. This individual has been charged with various traffic offenses, DUI and other crimes. Given the severity of the accusations against this individual, he would likely benefit from the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney to help him fight his case in court.

At the end of April, law enforcement officers in Vigo County spotted a car that was reported stolen earlier in the month. It is claimed that the driver of the car was already going well over the speed limit when police attempted a traffic stop. The driver allegedly refused to pull over, instead increasing his speed to approximately 100 mph. As police pursued this individual, he lost control of the car and crashed.

After the collision, the driver — a 40-year-old male — was transported to an area hospital to be treated before being booked into the Vigo County Jail. As previously stated, he has been charged with DUI as well as reckless driving, resisting law enforcement, possession of stolen auto parts and various other traffic violations. It has not been reported if court dates regarding this matter have been scheduled.

The combination of the traffic offenses and other crimes alleged in this case can carry significant penalties under Indiana laws if this individual is convicted. Potential consequences include imprisonment and fines, among others. While fighting the charges in this case will not prove an easy task, with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney the accused can utilize a defense strategy that will best serve his interests.

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