Indiana couple faces drug charges after car crash

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Being charged with a crime is a serious situation. Both possession and use of illegal drugs and paraphernalia are common causes of arrest in Indiana and throughout the country. Those facing drug charges may be at risk of receiving harsh sentences if they are ultimately convicted in court. One couple has recently been arrested on suspicion of possessing heroin after being involved in a car accident.

According to police reports, the couple was found after their car crashed into a home. It was not reported whether anyone was at the home at the time. The cause of the crash is believed to be a result of an overdose of heroin by the driver. Officers claim that both individuals had blue lips and were having trouble breathing. The responding officers administered Narcan to the couple, after which they apparently became responsive.

Following the initial checkup by police, the two were then sent to a local hospital for treatment. Once released, the man and woman were arrested and taken to jail. The man faces preliminary charges of possession of a drug injection device and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The woman faces a preliminary charge of possession of a legend drug injection device.

Since their arrests, the couple are likely working with lawyers to determine their best courses of defense. Any other Indiana residents facing drug charges may choose to consult experienced criminal defense attorneys to help weigh their options and to help them present strong defenses in court. An attorney could work to mitigate sentences for clients and possibly avoid convictions entirely.

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