Criminal defense attorneys could help those charged with neglect

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No parent wants to hear that their children will be taken away from them by the Department of Child Services. One Indiana couple is facing this reality after being charged with neglect and drug charges. The two are now likely working with attorneys to dispute the charges and work on their criminal defense.

According to news reports, the couple’s 8-year-old told her school bus driver that she would have to watch her younger sibling alone when she got home. The bus driver called 911, and authorities reportedly found no adults at the home when they arrived. The Sheriff’s Office say that officers waited for an hour before the couple finally came home. 

In addition to allegedly leaving their children home alone, police claim that the couple also left no food in the refrigerator and that animal droppings were observed in one child’s room. Police also report that they found pills, alcohol and drug paraphernalia throughout the home. The couple was charged with neglect and several drug charges and are being held in jail without bond. Children’s services took responsibility for the two children, and the pet was taken by Animal Control.

The seriousness of these charges has likely caused this couple to look into their options for criminal defense with the assistance of experienced attorneys. Anyone in Indiana facing similar neglect charges may consider speaking with a lawyer to learn the various avenues of defense available to them. Attorneys will work with clients at every stage of pending criminal proceedings to protect their legal rights and to pursue the best possible outcome.

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