Criminal defense attorneys could help those charged with felonies

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An Indiana sheriff is out of work after recently being charged with intimidation. The charge he faces is considered a felony. After his criminal defense attorney worked to lessen his charges, but prior to his sentencing, the sheriff made a statement to the court that he was sorry for what happened.

The former sheriff originally faced several other charges after being accused of threatening a local police officer who was investigating allegations of bribery. According to the police officer, the former sheriff threatened the officer implying that he could cause problems for the officer if the investigation continued. The claims made by this officer and other indicate that the intimidation had been happening for several years.

A plea deal was struck before the trial, and nine of the original 10 charges were dropped. The remaining charge of intimidation is considered a level 6 felony. The judge in the case stated that he took the man’s background into consideration, and since he had no prior criminal record and was unlikely to repeat the crime, he felt incarceration would do little good. Instead, the former sheriff will serve one year of probation and 250 hours of community service.

The charge the former sheriff faced was a serious one, and his sentencing could have been much more severe. Any Indiana resident facing similar criminal charges may consider consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney. In addition to helping build a strong defense, an attorney could make sure that his or her client’s rights are protected throughout any criminal proceedings.

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