41 Indiana residents facing drug charges

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Multiple Indiana police departments have been working together for the past several months in an effort to eliminate as many street-level drug dealers in the state as possible. At this stage, 41 people have been arrested. Most of those arrested are facing several drug charges each, in addition to other charges. 

The investigation began in Oct. 2016 and has been known as “Operation Icebreaker.” Officers from Jeffersonville, New Albany and Clarksville worked together along with the FBI to facilitate the investigation. Police stated that the local communities were also essential in aiding in the arrests. Their combined efforts led to 22 of the 41 people being arrested within 48 hours of each other.

Authorities claimed that among those arrested, there were over 80 state-level felony charges. There has been one federal indictment so far and officers expect more. Methamphetamine, heroin, 20 pounds of marijuana, $50,000 in cash and 10 handguns were all seized by police during this stage of the investigation. Eleven warrants are still outstanding as police continue searching for these alleged drug dealers.

Whether the 41 people arrested for dealing drugs are eventually found guilty or not, they still have rights that must be upheld. Each person is likely consulting a defense lawyer and looking into their options for achieving the best possible outcome in the legal proceedings. Indiana residents facing drug charges may consider speaking with an attorney for assistance in preparing and presenting a strong defense. An attorney may be able to help clients mitigate the charges to avoid a conviction entirely, or to receive favorable sentencing considerations where appropriate.

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