Indiana police officer now facing possibled drug charges

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Concerned neighbors are a good thing to have. When one lives alone and something happens, many times it is a concerned neighbor who recognizes that there may be a problem and checks to make sure everything is okay. If the neighbor does not respond to a phone call or answer the door bell, it is generally time to notify Indiana police that there may be a problem. Police will then usually check on the neighbor; they will also check to make sure there are no other problems that may result in criminal or drug charges related to someone who may have attempted to take advantage of the neighbor.

Recently, a concerned friend notified her local police department that she had not been able to reach her elderly friend. Police responded and discovered the woman was in need of prescription medication. One of the officers offered to go to the pharmacy for the woman.

The officer returned with the prescription bag and a box of the prescription medication Fentanyl. However, the woman claimed that there was supposed to be two boxes in the bag; furthermore, the bag was not stapled together at the time she received it. The officer allegedly stated that the pharmacy had only given him one box.

In this case, the woman reported the alleged incident to Indiana law enforcement. Now, rather than being regarded as a good Samaritan, this officer is being investigated for possible drug charges. When one faces charges such of these, he or she will want an experienced defense team reviewing the evidence and providing guidance on how best to defend the charges.

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