Where to seek support when drug charges thwart your holiday fun

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In Indiana and throughout the United States, people everywhere are gathering with family, co-workers and friends to celebrate the holiday season. Many such events include dining out, imbibing in a few alcoholic beverages or other forms of recreation and entertainment. For some, the good cheer of social occasions may be brought to a fast close if faced with serious problems such as drug charges or DUI.

There have been many people charged with drug crimes who were simply in the wrong places at the wrong times. Others have found themselves in grave predicaments through mistaken identities or because they had borrowed another person’s vehicle or clothing that later became subject to a police search where drugs were found. Nothing spells “bah humbug” during the holidays like having to appear at an arraignment hearing.

There are several things a person accused of drug-related crimes can do to minimize the negative impact of the situation. As soon as one is named in an investigation, a request can be made for defense assistance. Even if no charges have been filed, an attorney can begin building a strong defense should it later be needed in court.

Sallee Law, LLC, has been serving criminal law clients in Indiana for more than a decade. Our past experience as an assistant prosecutor provides us with keen insight into both sides of the law. Using knowledge gained through that experience helps us create defense strategies that can be used to combat any tactic set forth by prosecutors in court. If your holidays have been interrupted by drug charges, you may request a meeting to begin the process of securing the best possible outcome available in your particular situation.

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