Not yet known whether drug charges will result from detainment

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Authorities say they were surprised at the extent to which a suspected drug ring at a local high school in Indiana was organized. They have made several accusations concerning the situation but no drug charges have yet been filed. One 16-year-old student has been detained in connection with the recent investigation.

Drug enforcement agents and police officers reportedly combined efforts in the recent drug raid that took place at a private home. An investigation that preceded the raid began when authorities received reports regarding alleged drug activities involving several students from a local high school. Officers who searched the home, located some 40 miles outside Fort Wayne, say they seized substantial amounts of cash and marijuana from the residence.

Authorities say there was a rather sophisticated drug ring conducting business at the school and that its efforts were surprisingly well-organized. The young man who was detained is accused of bringing marijuana, as well as various types of candy laced with the drug, to school to sell to students. It is also believed this particular teenager may have traveled all the way to California in order to get the drugs he was allegedly selling at the local high school.

Whether formal drug charges will be filed against the student remains to be seen. Drug crimes in Indiana often carry potentially severe penalties if a conviction is secured. Any parent whose minor age child has been accused of selling drugs may reach out for support by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney who can offer guidance as to how best to proceed to help a son or daughter stay out of jail and avoid conviction.

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