Several facing drug charges in Indiana after recent incidents

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Police made two traffic stops in Indiana recently that led to arrests and searched one residence that led to additional suspects. The events that unfolded resulted in what officers claim was a “large” drug bust. Several people were arrested during the incidents, although not at the same time. One officer said that because the investigation following the initial drug charges remained ongoing, he could not reveal who was arrested when. 

All told, there were five arrests made following the traffic stops and apartment search. Two people, ages 22 and 18, were charged with visiting a common  nuisance. The other three, two of whom are age 33 and the other, 36, were charged with unlawful possessions of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and syringes.

Drug-related charges often lead to convictions in Indiana. The penalties incurred may be quite severe, including time in prison or substantial monetary fines. For this and many other reasons, it is advisable to request experienced counsel from a criminal defense lawyer as soon as one is arrested or charged with drug crimes in the state. In fact, many people contact a lawyer as soon as they become aware of a drug investigation but before any arrest has taken place.

One of the first things a criminal attorney can do is investigate the process of an arrest or any search and seizure that took place. If law enforcement agents acted outside the prescribed set of regulations and protocol, then any evidence proffered may be challenged in court. If a challenge is successful, drug charges might be dismissed, or, at least the chances of a positive outcome increased if a portion or all of the state’s evidence is deemed inadmissible by the court.

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