Indiana officer may need DUI defense

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An Indiana police officer was recently asked to resign from his position on the force. The request came following a motor vehicle accident involving a man who was apparently standing outside his vehicle at the time. The officer reportedly refused to step down and may be in need of a DUI defense with regard to allegations being made against him in connection with the incident.

The officer had been working at a recent air show and had reportedly just finished his duty. Afterward, he is said to have been driving an official unmarked police vehicle when he struck a man who was standing on the outside of another vehicle. Allegations against the policeman state that he fled the scene after the collision. The man who was struck was taken to the hospital after suffering serious injuries.

The 34-year-old officer was pulled over shortly after the crash occurred. His blood alcohol content level was reported by state police as being .15 percent. The 16-year police veteran was arrested for drunk driving and causing bodily harm to another person. He was also charged for leaving the scene of an accident. After posting bond, he was released from jail.

Any person in Indiana accused of driving while intoxicated is able to build as strong a DUI defense as possible to fight impending charges. Often, such situations cause embarrassment and damage to a person’s professional and private reputation. If one hopes not have long-lasting negative repercussions, it is typically best to retain experienced assistance from a criminal lawyer when approaching the court.

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