Indiana incident may require strong DUI defense

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Various situations may arise posing challenges to those accused of drunk driving in the aftermath of motor vehicle collisions. In Indiana, a recent incident occurred where a lieutenant of a sheriff’s department was accused of crashing his vehicle into a man  after a local air show; a strong DUI defense may now be needed in the situation. The man who was allegedly hit, his wife and children had apparently been loading their van to go home after the event.

The woman said she saw the approaching vehicle and noticed that the driver was a law enforcement officer. She said she hoped the officer’s vehicle would not crash into their van, but it did. The woman also expressed her devastation and feelings of helplessness as she witnessed the looks on her young children’s faces when they saw the moving car also hit their dad, who was outside their van at the time.

Although, the man survived his injuries, his future reportedly remains uncertain at this time. He apparently is the sole breadwinner for his family, and works as a carpenter. He is said to have upcoming evaluations scheduled with various doctors to check injuries in his brain, eye and other parts of his body.

The lieutenant had been working at the community air show in an official capacity. He is now charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The wife of the man who was allegedly struck by the lieutenant’s vehicle recently spoke in public, saying drunk driving is wrong and everyone should consider how their choices to drink and drive may have negative and far-reaching effects on others. Being accused of drunk driving in Indiana does not necessarily mean one will be convicted; therefore, anyone in need of DUI defense is able to call a criminal attorney in the area for guidance.

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