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Property owners are obligated by certain laws and regulations that pertain to the safety of a premises or other types of business management. When an incident occurs where a person has suffered injury, a property manager may be faced with legal challenges. Criminal defense help can be sought in Indiana by contacting an attorney experienced in third party liability situations.

A recent situation has been ongoing after two allegedly intoxicated people were involved in a car accident after they left the premises of a bar and grill. They had apparently both imbibed alcohol at the establishment. It was approximately 2 a.m. when the crash occurred.

The blood alcohol content level of the driver reportedly registered 0.10. The passenger in the vehicle at the time of the accident was so severely injured that she is now a paraplegic. The recovering victim filed a lawsuit against the property management company that owns the grounds on which the bar and grill is located.

The claim suggested that the property management company should be held legally liable for the injuries the passenger sustained in the drunk driving accident after being served alcohol by employees at the bar. However, the court rendered a summary judgment, stating that the property management company had adhered to all laws regarding its obligations and responsibilities and could not be held accountable for the injuries suffered in the motor vehicle accident. A strong criminal defense is often key toward obtaining a favorable outcome in such situations. Any business owner in Indiana in need of legal guidance may contact a defense lawyer to request a meeting.

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