When is a criminal defense attorney necessary?

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There are a lot of things that a person in Indiana can be charged with. At one end of the spectrum might be something as seemingly innocuous as a citation for a traffic violation. On the other end would be a capital offense charge that could result in a sentence of death.

Regardless of the level of crime alleged, however, every charge deserves to be taken seriously. The implications of pleading guilty or being found guilty after a trial are always significant and the way to pursue the best possible outcome in any case is to work with an experienced defense attorney. 

Even though most traffic citations represent minor offenses, they can have a serious negative effect on your life. If you accumulate a series of offenses, you could find yourself paying more for insurance, losing the privilege to drive. If you drive for a living, the consequences of having your license suspended or revoked are clear, but the loss of a license can also present a major burden if you just need to drive to work or school.

If the charge that is brought against you is more serious, the value of having an attorney at your side only increases. Every case is different and each one requires something of a customized strategy. Knowing what action to take at any given point in the legal process is something that comes with experience and that is something most individuals typically don’t accumulate in the course of life.

In addition to responding to the actions of police and prosecutors, a person charged with a serious crime will want to develop a defense strategy. It may involve developing an alternative theory of the facts as put together by the prosecution. It might mean gaining an understanding of how best to answer questions from authorities while always being truthful. This all takes skill.

With all that is at stake, is there really any charge that is too small to warrant a legal consult?

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