Indiana man facing serious drug charges

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Law enforcement agents continue to conduct searches and seizures, and make arrests in connection with alleged drug crimes throughout the state. Apparently, Indiana high schools and college campuses are among recent locations where supposed illegal drug activities have taken place. One young man now faces serious drug charges after a police bust that resulted in his arrest.

Authorities expressed their shock at the amount of drugs allegedly included in an ongoing drug operation at local educational institutions. They have accused a 20-year-old as the main facilitator in the selling and distribution of Xanax pills and marijuana at area high schools and colleges. Three juveniles were also arrested in connection, and officials say more arrests are to be expected.

A spokesman from the sheriff’s office said that officers had seized approximately 5,000 Xanax pills that had been hot-selling items on the school grounds. Students were allegedly paying as much as $20 per pill as sales took place over an extended period of time. All told, the investigation supposedly secured at least $65,000 in cash, marijuana and Xanax tablets.

Facing drug charges in Indiana as an adult may lead to severe penalties and substantial fines if convicted. However, there is often much an experienced criminal defense attorney can do to help minimize the negative impact such a situation may have on one’s future. Typically, it is best to request consultation with  a lawyer as soon as charges have been filed so as to maximize one’s chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court.

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