Facing drug charges in Indiana

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Being accused of a drug-related crime in Indiana can be very damaging to a person’s reputation. Drug charges often lead to time behind bars when convictions are handed down in court. Building a strong defense is often key to avoiding incarceration.

Sallee Law, LLC, is prepared to assist you as you plan your defense strategy to fight the charges against you. One of the first things we are able to do when a client requests our assistance is investigate the events that led to an arrest. There have been many incidents where we determine that our clients’ rights have been violated during or following the process of their arrests.

In such circumstances, we are often able to challenge a portion or all of the so-called evidence the prosecution is bringing against our client. If our challenge is successful, the court may deem the evidence inadmissible; in fact, sometimes all charges may be dismissed. No matter the case, we will work hard to protect our client’s rights and liberties throughout every hearing, trial and interaction with law enforcement or court officials that takes place.

Many times, simply having an experienced attorney by one’s side in court helps build a defendant’s confidence and ability to present a strong defense. If you are facing drug charges in Indiana and would like to ask about the various options that might be available to you, you can call Sallee Law, LLC, to request a meeting. If there is a way to help you avoid jail time, we will know.

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