Custody, Parenting time, and Child Support

Putting Your Children’s Needs First We know you care deeply about your children.

With experience as a Family Law Attorneys and as a Guardians ad Litem, We are qualified to advise and fight for the best interests of you and your children, whether that is in dealing with custody agreements, finding the right parenting time schedule, or addressing the many financial aspects of co-parenting.

Let Us Help You with Your Custody, Parenting time, and Child Support Matters

There are ways and means to tackle divorce, child support, parenting time and other issues that satisfy all concerned parties. If a hard line is needed to protect your rights and take matters before the courts, we are fully prepared to do that as well. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you and your family can move toward a brighter future. Call us at 317-643-5507 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.