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Expunging a criminal record in Indiana

If you have a criminal record in Indiana due to a conviction for an offense you committed, you are certainly aware of the negative impact it can have on your life. You may miss out on many promising opportunities because your prior conviction continues to follow...

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Can I challenge a DUI in Indiana?

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is an offense recognized by all 50 states under the law. Although individual state laws regarding DUI can and do vary, the federal standard for impaired driving is set at a blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, limit of .08. If...

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Differences between DUI and aggravated DUI

Indiana law enforcement remains dedicated to ensuring people do not get behind the wheel drunk, and if they do drive drunk, they receive punishment. In 2013 alone, 6,983 arrests took place in the state for DUI. A DUI conviction is bad enough on its own. The...

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How do DUI laws differ for commercial drivers?

When it comes to remaining sober while operating a vehicle, Hoosiers know how to obey the law. According to a recent study, Indiana had one of the lowest rates of DUI arrests and incidents in 2017.Everyone needs to remain cognizant of the law and avoid consuming...

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Are parents liable for a child’s DUI?

Although Indiana has one of the lowest DUI rates in the country, there is still a sizable number of people who lose their lives each year as a result of drunk driving. In 2014, approximately 239 people died on Indiana roadways in alcohol-related crashes.Driving...

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