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Drug Charges Archives

First-of-its-kind opioid court opens to get addicts help sooner

Health officials in Buffalo, New York, blamed 300 deaths last year on opioid addictions. That's more than twice the number of deaths just two years before. Among the 300 were a young couple who had just entered drug court last spring. They didn't make their second appearance. The young woman's dad showed up instead with the news that his daughter and her boyfriend had passed away the night before.

Indiana couple faces drug charges after car crash

Being charged with a crime is a serious situation. Both possession and use of illegal drugs and paraphernalia are common causes of arrest in Indiana and throughout the country. Those facing drug charges may be at risk of receiving harsh sentences if they are ultimately convicted in court. One couple has recently been arrested on suspicion of possessing heroin after being involved in a car accident.

41 Indiana residents facing drug charges

Multiple Indiana police departments have been working together for the past several months in an effort to eliminate as many street-level drug dealers in the state as possible. At this stage, 41 people have been arrested. Most of those arrested are facing several drug charges each, in addition to other charges. 

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 2 Indiana men

When Indiana residents are stopped by police officers at traffic stops, the officers may insist on searching their vehicles. In some cases, this can lead to drug charges for those in the car. Those facing this type of charge still have rights that must be upheld, however. Two men are likely consulting criminal defense attorneys after authorities allegedly discovered illegal drugs in their truck at a traffic stop.

2 truck drivers facing drug charges after traffic inspection

Traffic inspections are not uncommon in Indiana. When these inspections are made, police officers might search vehicles for any suspicious items. More often than not, most drivers depart after a brief discussion with the police officer or are possibly given a warning. However, two semi-truck drivers are now facing drug charges after a recent compliance inspection performed by the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.

6-month Indiana investigation leads to multiple drug charges

Over the past six months, multiple Indiana law enforcement agencies have been working together to conduct an extensive drug investigation. The investigation led to a significant number of arrests across three counties. News reports indicate that about 75 percent of those arrested were accused of a variety of drug charges.

Indiana police officer now facing possibled drug charges

Concerned neighbors are a good thing to have. When one lives alone and something happens, many times it is a concerned neighbor who recognizes that there may be a problem and checks to make sure everything is okay. If the neighbor does not respond to a phone call or answer the door bell, it is generally time to notify Indiana police that there may be a problem. Police will then usually check on the neighbor; they will also check to make sure there are no other problems that may result in criminal or drug charges related to someone who may have attempted to take advantage of the neighbor.

Drug charges lead to arrest of Indiana veterinarian

Accusations of drug-related crimes can lead to not only a negative reputation, but also to severe penalties for those convicted. Working with a skilled criminal defense attorney can help those facing drug charges fight back. One Indiana veterinarian is in this situation after allegedly selling drugs to pet owners rather than administering them to the pets that he treats.

Stop, look, listen: Analyzing events that lead to drug charges

If a police officer is knocking on your door, asking to come inside to have a look around, or, you're pulled over in a traffic stop, and the next thing you know, the officer wants to search your vehicle, you might be so stressed and worried that you forget you have constitutional rights. Even if drug charges are filed against you at some point, it does not negate your right to fair treatment under the law. While Indiana drug laws may vary from those in other states, all states hold that every person charged is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court.

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