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Should we be skeptical of state crime labs?

It is true that sometimes art “imitates” life, but it is interesting how art may influence how we live and perceive things as well. A perfect example is the television crime drama franchise “CSI.” Because of how detectives and various forensic analysts were able to solve cases using trace amounts of seemingly undetectable evidence, people readily believed that state crime lab analysts were experts in their field, and that the results of lab testing were infallible.

Do we want our police to be shaming suspects before trial?

When a young cosmetology student named Jaleel went to a house to style someone's hair, he happened to be there when police burst in and searched the place. Drugs were found on the premises, and Jaleel was caught up in the dragnet. Most of the charges against him were dropped before trial, and he was ultimately acquitted altogether. That didn't stop the arrest from nearly derailing his life.

Criminal defense attorneys could help those charged with felonies

An Indiana sheriff is out of work after recently being charged with intimidation. The charge he faces is considered a felony. After his criminal defense attorney worked to lessen his charges, but prior to his sentencing, the sheriff made a statement to the court that he was sorry for what happened.

Criminal defense attorneys could help those charged with neglect

No parent wants to hear that their children will be taken away from them by the Department of Child Services. One Indiana couple is facing this reality after being charged with neglect and drug charges. The two are now likely working with attorneys to dispute the charges and work on their criminal defense.

Criminal defense attorney could help those facing neglect charges

The owner of an Indiana at-home day care and two of her employees have recently been charged with several offenses related to unsafe conditions for children. According to authorities, this is not the first time the day care and the owner have been in trouble. Though the owners has been arrested and the other two women are still at large, all three have options to handle their criminal defense.

Reckless homicide charges require strong criminal defense

Sometimes fun events can take a turn for the worse. Accidents occur all the time, and unfortunately, they can occasionally lead to deaths. When this occurs, securing assistance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible could help a person's criminal defense. An Indiana man is likely now working with an attorney after being charged with several crimes following a boat crash in which two others were killed.

Criminal defense needed for Indiana man accused of robbery

When a person is accused of a crime, they may have several defense options available. Because it can be difficult to know how to proceed after being charged with a crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist in determining the best course of action for specific situations. An Indiana resident is likely working with an attorney to help build a strong defense after being accused of robbing a local bank.

Abuse charges in Indiana require strong criminal defense

A 56-year-old Indiana nurse was recently charged with several criminal offenses related to the alleged abuse of a child. Reportedly, the mother of the child caught the incidents on tape, and the nurse purportedly admitted wrongdoing when shown the recordings. Even though reports state the woman admitted to a crime, she still has several criminal defense options she can pursue in response to these allegations.

Long time employment ends, ex worker confronts criminal defense

A woman who worked in an Indiana county clerk's office since 1997 is no longer employed there. She was reportedly fired from her position after being accused of theft.  As her criminal defense case unfolded, she is said to have apologized to her employer for letting her down.

Determining criminal defense strategies following indictments

When the court determines evidence exists to try a person on criminal charges for which he or she has been accused, there is much a criminal attorney can do to assist the defendant. Depending on the details of a particular situation in Indiana, various criminal defense options are typically available. It is sometimes difficult to determine how best to proceed in light of specific charges; therefore, retaining immediate help from an experienced attorney may help to make informed decisions.

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