Busy parent? Negotiate for the right schedule for you

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You are a hard-working professional, and that means that you’re not always home. In fact, in the last week, you worked over 60 hours. You know that the environment in your home is lacking a parent, but you’re divorcing and still want to see your children. You want them to have a place in your home and to be able to be there for them. You’re convinced that you can be there for them, adjust your hours to work more when they’re not in your custody and share the responsibility of raising them.

Unfortunately, your spouse isn’t so sure. She’s fighting for a larger proportion of time with your children, approximately 70/30 custody. She works a standard 40-hour week and is home before your children get home from school. To her, it makes sense to have them in her custody the majority of the time.

What should you do? Should you take less time with your children or fight for 50-50 custody?

There is no shame in being a busy parent, and that work ethic may even rub off on your children. However, if you want to have 50-50 custody, then you should make sure that you can be there when you say you will be. To support your request for custody half of the time, it is worth the effort to show that you did change your schedule in preparation for that custody time. It’s also a good idea to show that you have space in your home prepared for your children and that you’ve put thought into how you will provide for them when they’re in your care.

Your spouse may be seeking more time because she believes that she will have more time for your children or because she thinks it’s in their best interests. Your job is to show that you are also a great role model, have time for your children and can be present when they need you. Letters from loved ones and those who know you and your children that are supportive of your custody request can be beneficial.

Your attorney will help you negotiate for the custody schedule you want. Be realistic, so you can seek the amount of custody that does work for your schedule and your family.