Why does divorce happen? Let’s take a look.

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No one gets married while expecting to get divorced. Even those who use a prenuptial agreement — addressing what will happen if they do eventually decide to split up — hope they will never have to use it.

Even so, divorce is common. While people often say that “half” of all marriages end in divorce, the real percentage is a lot more fluid than that. Still, regardless of what it is, it’s common. Most people have either gotten divorced or they know someone who has.

So, why does this happen? What red flags should you look out for? Is there any way to tell if it’s going to happen to you? You may be able to do so. Some of the main reasons for divorce include:

  • The couple never actually prepared themselves for marriage. They had no idea what it would be like. They couldn’t adjust. Sometimes, couples that work really well when they’re dating find that the shift in dynamics after they tie the knot just does not work. They were never prepared for that change. They have to end it.
  • They run into issues with money. Maybe they face serious financial problems, like bankruptcy or foreclosure. Maybe they just view money differently. Not only is money a large stress creator, but it can be a big issue for married couples because they didn’t have to work together financially when they were dating. They could handle their own finances. It’s a big shift to work with someone else.
  • They expected something else. Many times, they expected marriage to be easy. They thought it would all be like the honeymoon. When marriage is actually difficult, they don’t find it nearly as fulfilling and fun as they expected, and they split up.
  • Infidelity strikes. This is one of the most often-cited reasons for divorce, coming up often in the media. For many couples, who may be able to work through other issues, this is the one thing they can never put behind them. If it happens, it really is the end of the relationship.
  • Communication breaks down. Poor communication leads to arguments, stress and anxiety. It can also lead to serious complications, like not being on the same page when raising children or making major financial mistakes. Like any relationship, it is critical for people to communicate. A long-term lack of communication with no end in sight often spells divorce.

Are you getting divorced? Maybe it is for one of the reasons noted above; on the other hand, maybe these reasons had nothing to do with it and you have reasons of your own. Either way, make sure you understand exactly what legal steps you need to take.