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July 2017 Archives

Going over data on underage drunk driving

A fact sheet which was published by the State of Indiana draws attention to some of the consequences of underage drunk driving. For example, those accused of DUI in Indianapolis may face harsh financial penalties, a prison term, and the loss of their driving privileges. In fact, those under the age of 21 may have to pay a reinstatement fee and have their license suspended if they are charged with drunk driving.

Should we be skeptical of state crime labs?

It is true that sometimes art “imitates” life, but it is interesting how art may influence how we live and perceive things as well. A perfect example is the television crime drama franchise “CSI.” Because of how detectives and various forensic analysts were able to solve cases using trace amounts of seemingly undetectable evidence, people readily believed that state crime lab analysts were experts in their field, and that the results of lab testing were infallible.

Do we want our police to be shaming suspects before trial?

When a young cosmetology student named Jaleel went to a house to style someone's hair, he happened to be there when police burst in and searched the place. Drugs were found on the premises, and Jaleel was caught up in the dragnet. Most of the charges against him were dropped before trial, and he was ultimately acquitted altogether. That didn't stop the arrest from nearly derailing his life.

First-of-its-kind opioid court opens to get addicts help sooner

Health officials in Buffalo, New York, blamed 300 deaths last year on opioid addictions. That's more than twice the number of deaths just two years before. Among the 300 were a young couple who had just entered drug court last spring. They didn't make their second appearance. The young woman's dad showed up instead with the news that his daughter and her boyfriend had passed away the night before.

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