Indiana man faces drug charges among others

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Drug Charges |

An Indiana man and a sheriff’s deputy were both injured in a recent incident. The investigation of the man allegedly led to a shooting and a police chase. The man, who has also been accused of several drug charges, has since been arrested on those charges as well as others.

Police stated that the deputy and other officers performed a welfare check on the man’s estranged girlfriend after reports of alleged abuse. Upon arrival, the man reportedly resisted the officers and a struggle ensued. Officers say they shot the man with a Taser, and when that did not stop him, the deputy shot him in the arm. He then allegedly led the officers on a car chase.

Eventually, the man was taken into custody. In addition to the drug charges, he was also accused of abuse a few weeks prior to this recent incident. Any further charges against him have yet to be released by authorities. Both the man and the officer are expected to recover from their injuries.

Though the man was taken into custody, he still has rights that must be protected. He is likely now working with an attorney to protect his rights and to establish a formal defense. Anyone in Indiana who is facing drug charges or other criminal charges may consider consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn more about what to expect from the legal proceedings to follow. In addition to this, an attorney could provide guidance and support to clients while focused on achieving the best outcome.

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