Criminal defense needed for Indiana man accused of robbery

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

When a person is accused of a crime, they may have several defense options available. Because it can be difficult to know how to proceed after being charged with a crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist in determining the best course of action for specific situations. An Indiana resident is likely working with an attorney to help build a strong defense after being accused of robbing a local bank.

According to investigators, the robbery occurred the morning of March 8. When police responded to the call, the bank clerk gave a description of the man who robbed the bank and stated that he had fled on foot. An undisclosed amount of money had been stolen.

In less than 15 minutes after the robbery, police arrested a man who allegedly fit the clerk’s description, in a house located about a quarter-mile from the bank. The police took the man into custody at gunpoint and charged him with felony robbery with a weapon. A news release indicates that the police supposedly found a weapon and an unspecified amount of cash in the man’s possession.

Whether or not this man committed the crime he has been charged with, he still has rights that must be legally protected. The best way for him to make sure this takes place is by working with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Any Indiana resident accused of a crime could also benefit by consulting an attorney to assist in building a strong defense to obtain the best possible outcome. 

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